5 Easy Tips On How to Sell Clothes Online

  •  How to make money from selling Clothes online:

Nowadays, anything could be done or found in the Internet. Selling items that are not used by your family anymore can be with a little effort one of the best ways to make money online. Using this strategy, you’ll have a lot of traffic comparing to selling in a simple garage.

There are some Ecommerce tips that I wanted to share with you, which may help you in making money through online sales.

  • Best Places to sell Online:

There are a lot of Ecommerce websites of sales such as eBay, ThredUp and Tradesy. So, before everything, define where you want to sell your items. Lately, Facebook selling groups have become huge; you can join and start selling standard or designer clothing locally.

  • Sell top quality clothing:

Make sure that what are you selling is in a satisfying condition, because ratings and reputation are important in the online business. There are some highly recommended products such as: Top and bottom sets for kids, holidays clothing, well-known brands for both men and women.


  • Should I sell per piece or in a lot?

In the selling groups, you will see items posted per piece and others posted in a lot. If you have like items, grouping them and selling them for one price is really a good idea. Some new parent or grandparent might be thrilled, and if not, all you’ve lost is a couple minutes of your time!

Children clothing and pajamas tend to sell better in lots. Contrary to women and men clothing.

  • Descriptions and pictures will make or break your listing:

Everyone needs to be confident about what he is buying. One of the Ecommerce solutions that ensure that is the detailed description and lots of photos. When capturing pictures, make them attractive and try to indicate that the product is valorized and cared of.


If there’s a print on the item, take a close-up picture of the print in addition to your regular photos so the buyer doesn’t have to guess what it looks like.

Make sure you also include a photo of the tag to verify size and brand.

  • Be Honest with the condition:

The description must contain nothing but the truth of your items. A minor imperfection may not deter a buyer if it’s not noticeable, but you definitely should disclose it. Building trust with your buyers is based on honesty.

Since having pets or smoking could be deal-breakers for some buyers, don’t forget to mention it.

Follow these easy tips, and you’ll be surprised by the results of selling clothes online. Once started it, you may never want to end it. Selling online can be a lot of fun and pretty rewarding!

Remember, Christmas is just around the corner. Be prepared, make some money.